Not so fast

Jeffrey Sachs. Flickr/IRRI Images
According to an article in Nature, a recent report of dramatic success from The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) has been partially retracted. The MVP aims to chart a course out of poverty for the most deprived people in Africa. The MVP is a joint venture between Columbia University and the non-profit organization Millennium Promise, both in New York City. The first Millennium Villages were launched in Ethiopia and Kenya in 2004 and 2005, and the project now operates in 10 African countries, reaching about 500,000 people in 80 villages over 14 sites. The MVP’s founder, Jeffrey Sachs, head of the Earth Institute at Columbia and a co-author of the partially retracted paper, says that the MVP research teams were too autonomous, and he regrets not having brought in external advisers earlier. “I don’t want such mistakes to occur again,” he says. Sachs has now created a faculty committee to oversee MVP research and increase interactions with outside researchers.

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