3 thoughts on “Anthropology journal articles for you

  1. Barbara Piper

    When I tried to access an article in Ethnos through this site, it gave me the dialogue page to buy it. Perhaps I’m a little challenged here, but at least thy could make it easier to figure out how to get to the article.


  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    Before publishing the post about this offer, I checked the links and they worked. Today, they don’t! Same as you, I get a page that offers me the option of buying the article.

    I am going to try the informaworld help desk and see if that works!

    Happy New Year


  3. Barbara Piper

    Thanks — i can get all of these journals online through my university library, as it turns out, but I’m not sure that all of the readers of AnthroWorks have that luxury….


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