Summer Institute in Cultural Resource Management

June 20-26, 2011

The Summer Institute in Cultural Resource Management offers an excellent and unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to explore a career in cultural resource management, and to obtain real-world experiences that can be applied to future jobs in CRM. The Introduction to CRM course provides a week-long intensive training in the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for a successful career in CRM. A team of nationally-recognized, practicing CRM professionals will serve as instructors for the course, including Lynne Sebastian, Ph. D., RPA and Terry Klein, M.A., RPA.

After one week of intensive classroom instruction at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus just outside of Washington, DC, students will be placed in supervised internships for six weeks. Internships can be with federal, state, local or tribal government agencies, with private-sector consulting firms, or historic preservation organizations anywhere in the country based on the student’s career goals.

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