Upcoming RAI Event

The Royal Anthropological Institute’s Anthropology in the World Conference

When: June 8th – 10th 2012
Where: British Museums Clore Centre
London, England

This international conference is open to anyone and explores the relevance and contribution of anthropology outside academia to fields such as development, health, education, law, media and business.

The event offers:

  • an interface between scholarship, applied anthropology and the wider workplace
  • a platform for public engagement with the discipline
  • a forum for social scientists, professionals, organisations and students to share their visions, experiences and expertise
  • an opportunity to network with publishers, businesses and NGOs
  • a selection of ethnographic films, photographic exhibitions and displays.

Anthropology in the World provides an opportunity to take part in workshops, panels and discussions on key debates addressing the impact of social science on issues such as land claims, cultural heritage, sustainable development, public health and forensic research.

More information.

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