Anthro in the news 12/15/14

  • Ed Liebow, Executive Director of the American Anthropological Association.

    Cultural anthropology is essential for addressing Ebola

Discover Magazine reported on a conference on anthropology and Ebola held at the George Washington University in November that convened nearly twenty anthropologists to brainstorm about how to better address Ebola through the inclusion of cultural knowledge. The article mentions several anthropologists, academics and professionals working in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, including Sharon Abramowitz of the University of Florida, one of the effort’s organizers.  The article quotes Edward Liebow, executive director of the American Anthropological Association, one of the co-sponsors of the conference: “Epidemiologists are making oversimplified assumptions about transmission, setting these wild upper limit bounds…We’re in a position to actually breathe life into the numbers, to put people into those positions, to make much more realistic assessments of near-term and longer-term predictions.” Continue reading “Anthro in the news 12/15/14”

Anthro in the news 4/14/14

• Health equity, smart aid, and “stupid deaths”

KPBS radio (San Diego) interviewed medical anthropologist and health activist Paul Farmer about how to improve health care around the world.

Farmer talked about how to ensure equal access to health care through smart aid and the need to avoid what he calls “stupid deaths.” He comments on the “equity approach” in responding to a question about the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide.

He also addresses tough questions about HIV/AIDs and how to help the poorest people.

• Jim Kim: On leadership and cholera

The Washington Post carried a brief interview (embedded below) with Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank and a medical anthropologist and physician.

Kim discusses leadership and the need to develop a thick skin, in some areas, and openness in others.

During the April 12 meetings of the World Bank, Kim called for a renewed sense of urgency and more coordination from the international community to help Haiti eliminate cholera, which has killed thousands of Haitians since its outbreak in October 2010.

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Call for submissions: Journal of Religious Studies, History and Society

Dear colleagues,

The Journal of Religious Studies, History and Society (Revista Ciências da Religião – Historia e Sociedade) is a fully peer reviewed, open-access, Brazilian publication of the Religious Studies Department of Mackenzie University (Brazil). It’s a biannual Journal for the purpose of advancing scholarship in the study of religion that publishes original research articles, reports and book reviews that reflect the wide variety of research being carried out by scholars of religion in all countries.

The Journal invites submissions from all academic disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences, including but not limited to sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, philosophy and theology. Articles will be considered on any topic that bears upon any religious tradition.

All submissions should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. The deadline for submission is February 25, 2014. Manuscripts on English, Portuguese or Spanish should be submitted by e-mail.

Submissions should be emailed to the Journal Editor, Dr Suzana Coutinho, at

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