call for papers from ASAA/NZ on resilience, recovery and renewal

The Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand is hosting their 2016 Annual Conference on:

Resilience, Recovery, and Renewal
24-26 November 2016
Hosted by the University of Canterbury’s Anthropology programme

CALL FOR PAPERS by 15 October 2016

We invite papers that provide anthropological reflections on human endeavour in the face of threats, disasters, and other negative experiences. This includes natural disasters, whether partly caused by human activity or not – such as earthquakes, tsunamis or climate change, on which there is a growing literature, but we encourage papers that address this topic more generally.

There is a long list of negative experiences affecting the people anthropologists work with, such as land alienation, impoverishment, mining, enforced migration and other threats to livelihoods and survival. However, we wish to concentrate on the positive and innovative ways in which people have responded to them, on repair, renewal, recovery and resilience, on how through human endeavour people have adapted or remade their social institutions, or developed new ones, and forged strategies to fight for survival and dignity against odds. We are interested also in the conditions under which such responses succeed or fail, in the political, economic, demographic and cultural issues that impinge on this. In looking at how people perceive and respond to negative events, we are interested in the relevance of factors such as gender, age and ethnicity, and in what this tells us about the nature of culture and society more generally.

We also invite papers that expand this theme further by addressing questions of risk and its management, anthropological advocacy (which has its own risks), and topics such as human rights, diasporic identities, memorialization, rituals of remembrance, and dark tourism. We include also the threats faced by anthropologists and other social scientists as a community, from factors such as audit culture and university mismanagement.

As usual, papers which do not address these topics will also be considered for the conference. Post-graduates are particularly encouraged to contribute papers to the planned post-graduate sessions.

For queries please contact Patrick McAllister

The deadline for paper titles and abstracts of approximately 100 words is 15 October 2016. Please send these to Zhifang Song

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