Save the date: Public Anthropology Conference (PAC 2015) 12th Annual Conference

Dialogues of the Urgent and Emergent

Call For Participation

When: October 3-4, 2015
Where: American University, Washington, DC

The rapidly transforming world in which we live requires an immediate response to the global discussions of climate change, economic development, armed conflict, international human rights abuses, racial injustice, medical emergencies, and sexual and gender inequalities. A dialogue concerning these and other pressing public issues will allow us the opportunity to discuss ideas of the “urgent” and the “emergent.”

“Urgent” draws our focus toward social justice issues that require a time-sensitive response while maintaining deliberate and careful attention to holistic human well-being. Likewise, the “Emergent” presents to us new challenges that arise, causing us to pause and reevaluate the framework in which we approach our everyday work. We will explore our roles as practitioners, teachers, students, and interested members of the public within these shifting climates and discover how we can produce and support positive social, environmental, economic, and political change.

All are welcome to apply.

Submit proposals to
Deadline: August 31st

For more info contact conference organizers:

Davis Shoulders

John Villecco

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