GW event: The politics of gender and ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan border

When: Monday, February 3, 2014
3:00PM – 4:30PM

Where: The Elliott School of International Affairs, Conference Room 501
1957 E Street NW

Event Description: Tenzin Jinba will be discussing his new research on masculinity and the state and also his new book, In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan.

The story underlying this ethnography began with the recent discovery and commercialization of the remnant of an ancient “queendom” on the Sichuan-Tibet border. Recorded in classical Chinese texts, this legendary matriarchal domain has attracted not only tourists but the vigilance of the Chinese state. Tenzin Jinba’s research examines the consequences of development of the queendom label for local ethnic, gender, and political identities and for state-society relations.

Featuring: Tenzin Jinba,  professor of anthropology and sociology at Lanzhou University and postdoc at Yale University


Sponsored by the Tibet Governance Project and Culture in Global Affairs

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