Special article collection on 2013 protests in Brazil

Protesters in Natal. Wiki Commons: Isaac Ribeiro.

Protesting Democracy in Brazil, edited by Alexander S. Dent and Rosana Pinheiro-Machado, provides a range of studies examining
what happened in Brazil during June and July, 2013. The editors provide an introductory essay; the collected articles are written by anthropologists, activists, and writers across several generations. They open up new questions not only in the anthropology of Brazil and/or Brazilian anthropology, but also in the understanding of social movements, mediation, and policing writ large.

What started as a protest over an increase in bus fares grew into something much larger, with rallies and protests occurring in major cities all over Brazil. The question of how to understand these events is of interest to scholars, onlookers, comedians, journalists, participants, and voters in Brazil and around the world.

The collection is open access.


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