Working together to protect rock art

Photo courtesy of the CARE Project

The CARE project is a collaboration between heritage and science research interests at Newcastle University and Queen’s University Belfast to help preserve ancient rock art.

Its primary objective is to co-produce a user-friendly, non-intrusive Condition Assessment Risk Evaluation (CARE) toolkit for gathering and organizing information essential for the long-term safeguarding of ancient rock art that exists out in the open. Please see their Fact Sheet for more information.

The main outputs from the project will be created with the help, advice and support of heritage professionals, landowners and land agents, rock art enthusiasts and other interested parties. If you would like to be involved, please email us at Please also visit this Facebook page for British rock art.

An initial workshop will be held on 29 June in Northumberland, UK, for rock art enthusiasts. he end aim is to roll these materials out to the British Isles and beyond.

If you are interested in attending the workshop or if you wish to be kept in touch about project progress, please get in touch at

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