Dam dam dam

An article in Nature highlights the negative aspects of dam building throughout the Himalayan region. The article draws on a new report, criticizing the current rush to build dams throughout the Himalayan region, as well as commentary from other scientists. The article concludes by pointing out that:

India is not alone in its rush to build dams in the Himalayas. Other countries, especially China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, plan to add hundreds more dams along the rivers, prompting similar concerns about their EIAs. Damming rivers upstream could have significant impacts on downstream nations, but “every country behaves as if the river is 100% theirs”, says Edward Grumbine, an environment-policy researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Kunming Institute of Botany. “This is a recipe for disaster.”

Unfortunately, from the perspective of this blogger, the scientists’ worries are all about the negative effects on fish, forests, and other non-human categories.

Why are humans, who depend on the fish and the forest, so unworthy of mention?

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