Call for anthropological expertise on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and American culture

I am looking for an anthropologist in the Washington D.C. area who can speak to me about American culture and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I work for a documentary film company called Kensington Communications, and we are producing a series called Museum Secrets. It is broadcast through History Television, National Geographic, BBC World, and others.

In each episode we feature a different world famous museum focusing on a few select artifacts in their collection. Our current episode is on the Smithsonian where they have several Harley-Davidson’s.

We are interested in doing a story about one of the bikes where we would look at the motorcycle’s history and the distinctive features of the bike (its sound, for instance), but also use the artifact as a way into the bigger story of Harley-Davidson’s influence on American society.

Ideally we are seeking someone who has looked at the culture of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, but anyone who has studied American popular culture and can speak about the influence of motorcycles on American society will also be of interest.

I can call any interested anthropologists at their convenience to explain the project in more detail. I can be reached by telephone at 416-504-0001, ext. 236 or by e-mail

This website should provide you with a sense of the approach to the series:

Seann Gallagher
Museum Secrets
Kensington Communications
416-504-0001, ext. 236
445 Adelaide St. W.
Toronto,  Ontario
M5V 1T1

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