C.A.R. most notable recent collection award

Deadline for Nomination is May 15, 2012.

The Council on Anthropology & Reproduction (CAR) Award is one of very few awards given to edited volumes, yet it helped establish and foment topics of reproduction as central fields of anthropological inquiry. The “Most Notable Recent Collection” Award seeks to recognize and celebrate recent (published within 3 years of the nomination deadline) collections of anthropological works addressing: human reproduction, reproductive technologies, population policy, birth control and contraception, pregnancy, the study and application of genetics, childbirth, adoption, and the roles of parents, among others.

Entries are evaluated on a variety of factors including: overall contribution to anthropology & reproduction, usefulness for teaching, current and historical value for both academic and advocacy work, the strength of the nomination letters, the quality and depth of analysis within the chapters, and the coherence of the volume as a whole.

Nomination letters may be brief but should explain the impact of the volume on your own work, your teaching and students, and how you consider the volume to be influential within the field. For a list of previous winners, further information on the Award, or to submit nomination letters, contact CAR Book Committee Chair, Carolyn Smith-Morris, smithmor@smu.edu.

Award will be announced at the CAR and SMA business meetings at the American Anthropological Assn. meetings in November 2012.

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