The Museum of AIDS in Africa: Intern July 2012

The Museum of AIDS in Africa (MAA) is seeking a skilled intern to help pilot its Virtual Memorial project at the upcoming International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, July 22-27, 2012 – preference will given to African students, and those living with HIV. We’ll pay you a small honorarium, your conference fees, travel and accomodation; you’ll get to work on a cutting-edge digital museum and memorialization project with some of the biggest names in HIV activism and be part of the launch of the Museum that has Africans, AIDS advocates and the cultural world abuzz.

The Museum’s vision is “to transform the individual and social response to the African AIDS epidemic by honouring those who have lost their lives, empowering those infected and affected, building knowledge and inspiring about the history, science and response to the pandemic, to support the ultimate goal of an Africa free from AIDS.”

Required: strong communication skills- written and spoken, knowledge of issues relating to HIV/AIDS in Africa, strong understanding of social media- (e.g. blogging, tweeting, website), photography and video skills. Willingness to travel to the US and work long hours at the conference.

Application process: If you have the skill set required and you think the position suits your profile and availability please:

-send us your résume or a short list of relevant work, studies and/or experience and
-tell us briefly (in a few sentences) why this position is interesting to you?
-please contact by Mar. 27, 2012

The Museum of AIDS in Africa will be the world’s premiere public institution to collect, preserve, interpret, share and exhibit the history of the origins, spread and impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa as well as the past and present experiences of the pandemic. The Museum will be located in South Africa and has a target opening date of 2016.

The MAA will include exhibits, an archive, a collection, a memorial and public programs that recognize, remember and honor the millions of individuals who have died from or been affected by HIV/AIDS. Through collecting, preserving and exhibiting artifacts, AV and digital material, documents and oral histories relating to the African pandemic, the Museum seeks to learn from and pay tribute to those who have battled AIDS across the continent.

Click here for more information.

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