Upcoming event on Indian identity politics

IV Annual Regina Herzfeld Symposium on the Cultural Heritage of Native Americans:

Recognized, Unrecognized or Inter-Tribal: Conflict in Indian Identity Politics

Joe Watkins
Director, Native American Studies Program,
University of Oklahoma

When: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | 3:00pm
Where: In the Pryzbyla Center, Room 321/323
Department of Anthropology
The Catholic University of America
Washington DC

Whether one identifies as Native American or as American Indian, the contemporary politics of “being” Indian goes beyond ease of definition. Some tribes use a minimum “blood quantum” (percentage of “Indian blood”) while others require only proof of descent from a previously acknowledged member of the group. With the burgeoning of economic development schemes in Indian country, the question of WHO is Indian takes on new meaning and relevance. Using examples from contemporary issues, I will discuss the ways that Indian identity has been manipulated to suit the needs of the individual or group that wants to be “Indian” or that wants to prevent others from being considered so.

This event is at Catholic University. The Edward Pryzbyla Center is near the parking garage. The nearest major intersection is Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street, NE.

Supported by the Regina Flannery Herzfeld Memorial Fund

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