Upcoming WAPA event

Anthropological Contributions to Designing a Conflict Zone Livelihood Recovery Project in Afghanistan

When: Feb 7
Dinner: 5:30pm | Beacon Bar and Grill
Meeting: 7:00pm | Charles Sumner School, Rotating Gallery G-4 (ground floor)

In 2008 an anthropologist working for an international NGO co-designed a $60 million one year emergency agricultural recovery program for northern Afghanistan in response to drought and increasing food insecurity. At conclusion it had assisted 341,301 small farms (1.7 million individuals) to regain their own food security. Through cultural sensitivity and local knowledge, consultation and community involvement, the program maintained local dignity, self-determination, and participant ownership, while enhancing local productive relationships. This was the largest program of its kind ever implemented by the US government. Project success led to national expansion and time extensions that continue to 2011.

More information.

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