Ethnographica journal now available

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Ethnographica Journal on Culture and Disability (EJCD) is a new peer-reviewed journal that is grounded in ethnographic research and writing as the principal means of understanding the significations of Dis/Ability. The journal invites scholarly contributions that engage in conceptual dialogues across disciplines in the social sciences and humanities in general, but also in bioethics, and science and technology studies in relation to social and cultural anthropology.

Moreover, the Journal has to be situated in a line of critical thinking, often reflected in terms of ‘models’. The so-called ‘social and cultural models’ are engaged in critical thinking of disability as limited to Western contexts. Therefore EJCD wishes to engage in a spectrum of cross-cultural views, and to document ‘disability’ in both local and global contexts. Last, EJCD is also engaging with the transformation of the self, communities, living spaces and technology resulting from experiences with disability.

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