This land is your mine or…is this land my land?

Source: The Canadian Press, Nov 11, 2011:

Canada’s Tsilhqot’in Nation is going to court to block Taseko Mines Ltd. from doing preparatory work on its controversial New Prosperity mine in British Columbia’s Cariboo region.

In a petition filed with the B.C. Supreme Court, the First Nations group is asking the court to halt drilling, excavation, timber clearing, road construction and the like while reviewing provincial approvals for the work on a revised mine plan.

Chief Joe Alphonse, tribal chairman of the Tsilhqot’in National Government, said the decision affects the group’s rights and culture: “The province refused to acknowledge these impacts, no matter what we say; it is more concerned with handing over approvals,” Alphonse said in a statement. “We’ve gone to court before, we’ve stood in front of the federal panel, we have proven over and over again how important these lands are to our people and our culture — but the province never seems to get the message.”

Several First Nations oppose the project because the mine proposal would mean the destruction of a lake considered culturally significant to them.

Take a look at the mining company’s positive view of a copper mine.

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