Open CCAFS call for proposals

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) has launched an Open call for Proposals for the “Farms of the Future” research project, aiming at the:

Development of a method to study farmer’s social, cultural and gender specific barriers for enabling behavioral change and improve adaptive capacity, based on farmers’ exchanges between climatic analogues locations

The project will particularly improve understanding of social and cultural perceptions of future climates, local practices and available tools for enabling change. The adopted approach will allow the participatory diagnosis of capacities and needs, thus aiding in the design of community-appropriate adaptation strategies.

Objectives: We are looking forward to receiving innovative ideas from scientists from around the world to address the following specific objectives:

1. To devise, test and validate the ‘Farms of the future’ approach built on farmer-to-farmer exchanges to analogue sites as a valuable option to improve adaptive capacity and support knowledge transfer.
2. To improve understanding of local practices and available tools for enabling change

Grant: The allocated grant will be US$ 100,000 (with additional direct support in the regional logistics for the farmer exchanges to the sum of US$ 30k for each of the 3 CCAFS regions: East Africa, West Africa and Indo-Gangetic Plains).

Deadline: We kindly invite you to submit your proposals not later than July 15th 2011

Applicability: This call is open to all types of organization or individuals, and strong preference is given to research groups with proven track record in sociology or anthropology and rural development.

Evaluation criteria:
· Fit with the terms of reference and likelihood of success of approach
· Innovativeness in methodologies proposed
· Track record in similar research of proposing individual, team or alliance

Proposals and questions should be addressed to Osana Bonilla-Findji ( and Charlotte Lau ( before 15 July 2011.

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