Call for proposals for special edition of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

The journal editors, Brandy Schillace and Atwood Gaines, are calling for proposals for a special issue to appear next June on anthropologies of clinical training in the 21st century (PDF).

A special issue includes the guest editor(s)’ introduction, peer-reviewed articles and a final commentary that reflects on the pieces included.

According to the editors:

It may perhaps come as a surprise that the editorial staff did not originally plan to release a special issue each June. Rather, these issues have grown somewhat organically into a feature of the journal, and have earned their proper place in the yearly cycle. Special Issues have a useful and informative function for Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry and for studies in anthropology, psychiatry and medicine more generally. They allow us to more deeply engage a subject than is possible with single articles and indicate their relevance beyond the indentified topic.

2 thoughts on “Call for proposals for special edition of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

  1. Please note that there is an error in the above material. CMP is NOT seeking special issues on the anthropologies of clinical training; rather, we are publishing a special issue in June on that topic, and we are seeking special issue topics for future June issues in a variety of areas. Please see the Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry page at


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