Anthro in the news 5/2/2011

All bets still on for Royal Honeymoon destination
Sean Carey’s guest post in anthroworks on where the Royal couple will honeymoon got picked up by the Huff Po. Check out his cultural anthropology-informed prediction.

Rx for love everlasting
USA Today carried a piece about keeping the spark in marital love, featuring advice from Helen Fisher, a research professor of anthropology at Rutgers University. For a romantic marriage to endure, Royal or otherwise, Fisher advises that couples should “keep taking novel exciting adventures together.” Also: choose someone with a similar personality type. And, Dr. Fisher says it is important to “make love regularly” because that triggers the testosterone system. Last, touching is good.

Anti-royalist anthros arrested in London
Two cultural anthropologists were arrested in London on April 29, in advance of the Royal wedding, for planning a mock execution at Westminster Abbey. Blogger’s note and queries: For unknown reasons, my Tweet about this arrest attracted more re-Tweets than I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Is there a major population of anti-monarchists who follow aw on Twitter? And/or is it exciting for an anthropologist — two, in fact — to get arrested?

The anthro way: documenting displacement
Canadian photographer and filmmaker Devin Tepleski was working on an archaeology dig in Ghana when he was asked by villagers, who would soon to be displaced by a hydroelectric dam, to tell their story. The result is a series of portraits of men, women and children standing knee-deep in the Black Volta river taken before the dam was built. Tepelski, in his last year of earning his degree in visual anthropology, realizes that, unlike photojournalists, he can make a long term commitment to a community and take a collaborative approach in telling their story.

Conference in Ooty
Tamil Nadu, a state in south India, has a rich cultural heritage making it an endless source of fascination for anthropologists. A number of eminent anthropologists, researchers, tribal activists and students gathered in Ooty, a historic hill town in the state, on Thursday to discuss issues and challenges in anthropological research with special reference to Tamil Nadu.

Tell it to me one more time: the “untold” story of human evolution
The Guardian carried a six-page feature on human evolution including commentary from bio anthropologist Robin Dunbar of the University of Cambridge.

President of Mongolia congratulates Jack Weatherford: Mongolia’s president Taskhia Elbegdorj recently congratulated cultural anthropologist Jack Weatherford, of Macalester College. Weatherford’s 2004 book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, won the 4th annual tournament of audio books

Colorado State University received a $1 million dollar gift to its Mountain Archaeology Fund. It will support research on the role that American Indians played in the southern Rocky Mountains.

The University of Buffalo launched its new Center for European Studies. The Center’s director is cultural anthropologist Deborah Reed-Danahay.

In memoriam
Malcolm French Farmer, former Whittier College faculty member and World War II veteran, died from congestive heart failure on April 6 at the age of 95 years. Farmer began teaching at Whittier College in 1957. His teachings focused on globalism and diffusion. In his early 20’s, he lived part-time on a Navajo reservation and worked for the Navajo Service in Arizona and New Mexico. In 1940, he earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona and did graduate work in anthropology and geography at the University of Washington. Farmer was the first curator and then director of the San Diego Museum of Man. At Whittier College, he spearheaded a program to bring students from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the college to study English.

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