2011 travelwriting colloquium

Grey Journeys
8th travelwriting colloquium
April 20-21, 2011
School of History and Anthropology
Queen’s University Belfast

This Travelwriting colloquium is the 8th annual event in the annual Writing Journeys and Places seminar series. It is an informal and interdisciplinary meeting. The colloquium will be launched by dance and music displays by senior citizens and a policy-orientated research discussion on Tuesday 19th April.

The conference fee is £25 and includes refreshments and entertainment!

Potential papers: if you are interested in giving a paper – please email a 300 word abstract by 15th January.

To book a place, please contact Dr Jonathan Skinner (j.skinner@qub.ac.uk). There has been a great deal of interest in this event, and places are limited, so early booking is advised.

This colloquium seeks to explore ‘grey journeys’ broadly defined as travel and its writing by, for and about senior citizens.

How is travel writing related to the life course and life journey? How does age factor into travel writing? Is there a distinctive aged travel writing – a pilgrimage for instance? What stereotypes about the aged are contained within travel writing? Are they being challenged?

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