Open access articles from Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology, a journal dedicated to publishing papers that examine human behavior, social life and health in an anthropological context, has recently made available a number of articles published since the inception of the journal in 1977. The journal provides a global forum for inquiring into and elucidating the social and cultural, ideational, contextual, structural and institutional factors that pattern disease, shape experiences of illness and wellbeing, and inform the organization of and access to treatments.

The Uninsured and the Politics of Containment in US Health Care: Gay Becker

Childbirth and Midwifery on a Guatemalan Finca: Sheila Cosminsky

The Biocultural Approach in Nutritional Anthropology: Case Studies of Malnutrition in Mali: Katherine A. Dettwyler

Discourse, Daño, and Healing in North Coastal Peru: Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Bonesetting and Radiography in the Southern Maya Highlands: Servando Z. Hinojosa

Do Notions of Risk Inform Patient Choice? Lessons from a Study of Prenatal Genetic Counseling: Linda M. Hunt, Heide Castañeda and Katherine B. De Voogd

Deaf Discourse: The Social Construction of Deafness in a Bedouin Community: Shifra Kisch

The Ecobiopolitics of Space Biomedicine: Valerie A. Olson

“Public Health” for whose Benefit? Multiple Discourses on Malaria in Sri Lanka: Kalinga Tudor Silva

Navigating HIV, Pregnancy, and Childbearing in South India: Pragmatics and Constraints in Women’s Decision Making: Cynthia van Hollen

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