Love you dad, but…

Anyone who has been reading this blog knows that the blogger doesn’t see much use in country-level data. But if that’s the only thing you have, and the topic is compelling, let’s see what it says.

Take a look at the findings from a Pew Research Center Report of 2006, with the unlikely but intriguing title “Gauging Family Intimacy: Dogs Edge Cats (Dads Trail Both). ” The report is based on telephone interviews with a sample of 3,014 adults in the United States. Questions posed to the respondents included: “Do you feel close to your cat, dog?” “Do you feel close to your mom, dad?”

Dogs are the paws-down winners in the closeness competition. Owners of dogs are the most likely (94 percent) to describe their relationship with their pet as “close.”

Dad and dog seem to be getting along in this photo (creative commons licensed Flickr content by Kim Scarborough), but don’t let that fool you. According to a recent report, they are rivals.

What do the same people say about feeling close to their parents? Answer: 87 percent say they feel close to mom, and 74 percent say they feel close to dad.

Final score (out of 100) on family intimacy based on the Pew 2006 survey:

    Dog: 94
    Mom: 87
    Cat: 84
    Dad: 74

Dads: What’s going on? Do you want to be a loser in this competition or what?

Maybe the survey just asked the wrong questions. Maybe the question should have been: Who do you feel is the most cool and detached member of your household? Can dad win on this one? Don’t think so. I’m betting on cats. Meow.

Happy father’s day out there!

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